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ERP and ERP is proud to announce general release of our products. This portfolio of products jump start the initiatives, accelerate the implementations, offer productiviy improvements, provide the best practice solutions and more.

The exchange of the information with suppliers, customers and partners is substantial. The documents and data that are delivered need manual effort in terms of capturing right information, transforming into presentable document, getting the approval and delivering the document by EDI, Email, Fax, Print, RFID Scan, Web, Wireless and XML.

The inbound information that is received by EDI, FTP, SFTP, Fax, Email, Mail and other means is also processed manually and then entered into the enterprise applications. These applications work in isolation and there is very little information flow across various users and departments. This approch causes delayed claims, errored bills, missed charges, uncollected funds, law suites etc. This may ultimately lead to non compliance of regulations.


ERP-ERP Connect facilitates a user to capture data and stream the data from within the business application by integrating ERP-ERP Connect with the any SAP module in the business application.

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ERP and ERP Store & Archive automates document workflow and stores the incoming & outgoing business documents at a central location for further reference & usage at a later point of time, thus automating the entire information flow and save cost and effort.

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