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Quality Assurance

In today's challenging business environment, it won't be an exaggeration to say that the success of most businesses worldwide has become directly proportional to the advances in information technology. More than ever, a frequent flow of new, flawless products and services is required to provide support to expanding businesses, both within and outside the IT domain.

To meet business challenges, companies are realizing the importance of scalable performance and looking for ways to ensure minimal application downtime to �Run the Business� as usual. This directly translates into the need for testing an application, and identifying and eliminating the discrepancies in its performance.

  • Unclear or not well defined processes
  • Lack of collaboration as different groups use different testing tools and methodologies resulting in incomplete testing of all processes and difficulty in integration
  • No clear KPIs and testing measurements
  • Inconsistent execution of testing plans

ERP and ERP's Quality Assurance CoEs (Centers of Excellence) in Dalian, Chengdu, and Beijing have had years of experience in addressing these types of testing issues. ERP and ERP has proven and mature testing methodologies to meet the application testing demands of some of the largest global 100 corporations.

ERP and ERP can provide the scalable pool of qualified resources to make a project a successful. Our testing professionals are experienced in developing and executing test cases that ensure complete product coverage. Our deep engineering and test skills help clients achieve products releases on time and on budget with the quality expected by users.

Benefits of Outsourcing Application Testing

  • Significantly reduce development costs
  • Efficiently reduce development time and effort
  • Increase customer satisfaction by delivering defect free and flawless products back to the customer. Have discovered up to increase customer satisfaction by delivering defect free and flawless products back to the customer. Have discovered up to 60% more flaws/bugs/defects than "Development Integrated QA"
  • Enhance quality and testing process internally
  • Delivering product on time and on budget

ERP and ERP Testing Methodology and Architecture

ERP and ERP's Flex Shore Model of providing onsite/offsite or strictly offsite resources follows a 9-step methodology with appropriate ERP and ERP and customer personnel along each step: